The Company guarantees the good quality and the good construction of its products, plants and machinery by obligating during the warranty period specified below, to repair or replace for free as soon as possible those parts that due to poor quality of material or defect workmanship or imperfect assembly (if the assembly was taken by it) proves to be defective, provided that this does not depend on natural wear and tear, due to failures caused by the Client's inability or negligence, by overloading beyond the contractual limits, by interventions unauthorized, by tampering performed or made to be carried out by the Customer, by lack of maintenance, by fortuitous events or force majeure. The technical staff will intervene within the time limits granted by the needs of the Supplier. If the consignment of machines or equipment dismantled in pieces has to be provided for construction or transport needs, the Supplier does not grant any guarantee if the assembly is not carried out by you. The warranty period is 12 months from the delivery referred to in Article 6 (6 months for machinery and equipment operated day and night) and ceases at the expiration of the deadline even if the machinery / plants were not for any reason , put into service. Exceptions may be made to some parts of the equipment that have warranty terms other than 12 months which will be indicated in the product supplier catalog. The prompt intervention under warranty by the Supplier remains subject to compliance with the payment conditions by the Customer. The works related to the repair or replacement under warranty will be, in the opinion of the Supplier, performed in the workshops of the Supplier or third parties, or on the spot, with the only charge for travel expenses, board and lodging, travel hours round trip from the place of intervention. All the time necessary to replace the defective part will be under warranty. This fee does not apply if the intervention is carried out at our or from a company authorized by us, but the transport and packaging costs will be borne by the Customer. For works to be carried out on site, the Customer must prepare, at his own expense, the personnel of the Supplier, all the necessary means and auxiliary personnel, as well as all ancillary works, walls, blacksmith, carpenter etc. Nothing will be due to the Customer for the time during which the plant will remain idle, neither he can claim compensation or compensation for claims expenses, for direct or indirect damages caused to people, animals or things of any kind, as well as caused by the aforementioned repairs or replacements. The replaced parts remain the property of the Company and must be returned by the Customer, carriage paid. All transport relating to the operations carried out under warranty take place at the risk and danger of the Customer. For the parts that the Company has purchased from other suppliers, the guarantees given by them to the Supplier will be applied to the Customer. Materials and parts subject to continuous wear are excluded from the warranty, such as: glass parts, light bulbs of various kinds, fuses, voltage dischargers and all those protection components which due to their type of operation may deteriorate, all electronic circuits , the removable parts and all the components operating at a temperature higher than that indicated in the wiring diagram or operating manuals, and in any case at a temperature higher than 50 degrees. Under no circumstances can extended terms of expiry and prescription as per article 1512 be understood. Civil Code. This is the only valid guarantee, no one is authorized to change its terms.

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