USB panel

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USB panel with graphic display.

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The USB PANEL is a general purpose PLC built around the Renesas SH7085 32-bit microcontroller.

The realization of the USB PANEL took place with electronic components of the latest generation that allow us to have high performance and very small overall dimensions.

Techincal data

  • 8 relay-fed digital outputs;
  • 8 digital inputs;
  • 3 serial ports opisted (2 RS232, 1 RS232-RS485);
  • 1 optical fiber serial port;
  • 1 opistulated CAN port;
  • 3 non-volatile memories (EEPROM 64 Kbyte, FRAM 32 Kbyte, FLASH 2 Mbyte);
  • 1 Ni-MH AA battery backup battery;
  • 1 internal clock with backup;
  • 1 usb 2.0 full-speed host port;
  • 1 port for connecting a ChipCard reader (Ampenhol C702, Card with I2C protocol);
  • 1 LCD display (128x240 graph, blue background and white writing, with electronic contrast adjustment);

For more information and technical details, see the product sheet.

More Information
Dimensions (WxHxD) 31x4x18
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