Receiver for caliber

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Gauge receiver for the measurement of remote fixtures.

The gauge receiver is part of the CALIPER system for measuring distance fixtures.

The system consists of a portable meter called CALIPER G232 and a fixed receiver called RECEIVER G233 connectable, through an RS232 serial port, to a cutting machine or to a cutting list manager.

It is possible to use several portable CALIPER G232 meters within a same company by combining a meter with a receiver, or by assigning to each meter a different number and setting on the receiver the possibility of receiving more than one at the same time.

The communication between the portable meter and the receiver is bidirectional, so that you can understand, from the portable meter, if the transmitted quota has arrived with a positive result at the destination.

In addition to being shown on the display of the portable meter, the transmission symbol is correct, you can also hear a BEEP.

On the RS232 serial port of the RECEIVER G233 it is possible to connect any machine that has the possibility to interpret the open protocol described in this manual.

The CALIPER G232 meter is powered by batteries, which can be recharged via the supplied power supply.

When the meter is connected to the power supply it can work even if the batteries are low.

The maximum admissible size from the CAPILER G232 is of 1520mm extendable to 2530mm by applying an extension extension.

The CALIPER G232 meter is supplied with a backlit graphic display which indicates the current measurement value, the last measurement transmitted and the indication of the communication with the RECEIVER G233.

It is also possible to see the state of charge of the batteries and to modify the parameters related to the particular meter.

The CALIPER G232 meter is also equipped with 4 buttons that, in different situations, are used for various functions, in particular to communicate to the receiver and then to the machine, what type of measurement the operator is doing (height, width, etc. ).


- Power supply 10-28 vdc device connectable to external stabilized power supply.

- 60 mA absorption.

- Internal 200 mA fuse, resettable.

- Break time FUSE 0.02 sec at 8A.

- Maximum short-circuit current 10A.

- Use a power supply with current protection below 10A.

- Operating temperature 0 ° C + 50 ° C.

- Operating relative humidity 30% to 80%.

- Storage temperature -20 ° C + 60 ° C.


  • - Relative storage humidity from 10% to 90%;
  • - Maximum altitude 1000m;
  • - Weight 0.250 Kg;
  • - Max dimensions: base 28 cm x 7.5 cm, depth 3.5 cm; considering the addition of the power connector and the RS232 data cable;
  • - Degree of protection IP30 Protected against bodies over 2.5mm and not protected against liquids (read installation instructions);
  • - Maximum radio transmission distance 20m In open field;
  • - Max transmission speed RS232 9600bit / s on RS-232 serial connector;
  • - Max connection distance RS232 1.8m (use recommended cable);
  • - Max transmission speed on fiber optic 57600bit / s;
  • - Transmission frequency From 433.19 MHz to 434.57 MHz;
  • - Make sure that there are no other devices that transmit at the same frequency within a radius of 200 meters. In this case, change the transmission frequency.
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