Ingeteam Ingecon Sun Lite 3.3KW - photovoltaic inverter

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Ingeteam photovoltaic inverter Ingecon Sun Lite 3.3KW TL DC SWITCH.

Maximum performance in minimum space!

Ingeteam photovoltaic inverter Ingecon Sun Lite 3.3KW TL DC SWITCH.


- High efficiency and flexibility:

   They have an advanced maximum power point tracking system (MPPT) and adapt to the requirements of the main regulations in force in international markets. They are compatible with the main photovoltaic module technologies available on the market.

- Easy installation:

Quick connectors for DC, AC and RS485 communication. They do not require additional elements and allow manual disconnection from the network.

- Robust design:

Aluminum casing suitable for indoor and outdoor installations, designed to withstand extreme temperatures.

- Easy maintenance:

Integrated data logger for data storage up to 3 months. Control from a remote PC or graphic LCD display integrated into the device. LED status indicators and inverter alarms. Designed with components that guarantee a useful life of over 20 years.

- Software included:

They include, without additional costs, the Ingecon®Sun Manager application software and the Ingecon®Web Monitor web portal for recording and displaying plant data.

For further information and technical details view the product sheet.

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