Braking card 9A

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Braking card with 9A contactor.

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The braking board with contactor 9A has been designed to electronically drive and brake single-phase and three-phase asynchronous motors. It shows all its effectiveness when it is necessary, in emergency situations, to stop briefly the rotation of blades, cutters and tools in general whose normal arrest could damage people or things.

The braking is done by the injection of direct current in two phases and can be activated after each ignition or in particularly dangerous conditions such as the opening of a protective casing.

In both cases, the shutdown occurs in the shortest possible time keeping the current injected in the motor under control in order not to overheat the windings too much.

Thanks to its use, you can avoid using self-braking engines with the following advantages:

  • - non sostenere piu’ la manutenzione dei dischi abrasivi
  • - tempo di frenatura non dipendente dallo stato dei dischi abrasivi
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